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Here comes the summer - South Coast Payments Blog
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Here comes the summer

June 22, 2017 9:11 am

With the sun shining and traffic queues down to the beach every weekend, it’s clear that we’ve hit the busy tourist season for many small businesses. It may not seem like the right time to start accepting card payments or switching providers, but there can be some advantages which will help the sun shine on your bottom line long after the summer heat has cooled.

If you’re not currently accepting card payments, it’s worth considering if you’re expecting a lot of custom from tourists. Visitors from larger cities, for example, will have an expectation that they will be able to pay with a card and won’t have the locals’ insider knowledge about which shops and restaurants do and don’t accept payments. You could miss out on the potential boom of a summer rush if you’re not offering the facility.

There’s also the convenience factor. Offering contactless payments, Android Pay and Apple Pay is one way to speed up queues and works particularly well in high-volume, low transaction environments such as cafes, gift shops or ice cream parlours, all of which are popular with tourists. If you can move the queue along quicker, you’re less likely to miss out on business from people who don’t want to wait around. It may only seem like an extra minute here or there in quieter times, but all those minutes can soon add up when you have a lot more customers to look after and the more impatient ones may simply go elsewhere if they can see long queues.

The issue that holds many businesses back is often the fees, which can mean that accepting card payments costs more than it’s worth. That’s one of the reasons why we focus on keeping the fees as low as possible for our clients, we understand it’s the number one concern and work hard to make sure a business can accept card payments in a way that is profitable. That’s also why you might want to think about switching provider – if you’re about to be rushed off your feet for the duration of the summer, it’s worth making sure that unnecessarily high fees aren’t eating into your profits during this time. It also means if your business can be seasonal, you’re not paying over the odds in quieter times when you have less revenue coming in.

If you’re looking to start accepting card payments or switch provider, give us a call and find out about our low fees: 02392 489911.